Ready, get set – gift!

With the Textilpiazzafestival, and my workshop, safely behind me I can finally turn my attention to what’s been jumping up and down and waving at me for the past week – the Ravelry Gift-along 2014

This is a follow-up to a thing that happened last year, and that linked post (on Ravelry)* explains it very well. But in a nutshell, GAL is a pre-Christmas party giving you a chance to:

1. Get 25% off thousands of awesome patterns,
2. support (and discover!) independent designers,
3. get motivation to get ahead on your gift knitting,
4. take part in a whole passel of knit- or crochet-alongs, 
5. play fun and silly games, and
6. win awesome prizes! So many prizes. 

You want to join in, you really do. It is THE MOST. Inspiration up the wazoo. 

Check out the Pinterest boards to browse all the patterns on offer, join in group discussions, indulge in some queue enhancement, post your FOs… have fun.

I have some serious ogling to do right now. See you over there.  

* Ravelry forums are members only, although the pattern pages are open to all. If you’re not a member, though, you’re really missing out – it’s the best yarn party/university/magazine/consumer forum you can imagine! And it’s totally free, so hey. 

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