why yes, i do have a rich inner life

If buying a pattern is basically the same thing as actually knitting it (because there’s never enough time to actually knit everything, but we like to pretend), then pinning a pattern is almost like actually buying it, yes? Because even I, with my wild imagination and powers of self-delusion, cannot convince myself that I’m really going to knit – or indeed buy – all the GAL designs that have caught my fancy. As much as I’d love to. And anyway, we all know that’s what Pinterest is for: organising our workspaces, cooking our nutritious family dinners, and crafting our perfect wardrobes so that we don’t have to. It’s the Electric Monk of the internet age.

These, then, are the things I wish I was knitting for deserving recipients (*coff*mostly me*coff*) this Christmas, and why. Hover for pattern and designer names; click through for full details.

Because perfect:

Because awesome:

And finally, because clever or gorgeous or simply just right for me or mine, these are what I’m actually buying:

“No self-control”?! You take that back. I think I have been very restrained. The talent of all these designers, and the quantity of amazing things to choose from, is astonishing. (Look, I’ve pinned more of my favourites here. You see? You see my problem?)

Now, as to which of those bought actually get knit – well, stay tuned. 

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