Ok, less holiday, more sick leave

So when I said I was giving myself a “knitting holiday”… I didn’t really plan to shut down blog service. Then again, I also didn’t plan to get felled by a two-week virus of doom, combined with tending to poorly children/husbeast and trying to survive on the bare minimum of sleep, thanks to Dude’s revived sleep issues. (Teething? Developmental wossname? Who the hell knows? It’ll pass. But till then, I’m a Bit Faded. So would you be if you were being woken every 2hrs or so and then starting your day at 4 or 5am.)

Unsurprisingly, the actual knitting has proceeded apace. Unsurprising because knitting is the only thing that keeps me going at times like this. (Well. That and these ristretto truffles. A chocolate for every need, that’s Switzerland!) But pretty much everything else (pattern writing, cleaning, organising, planning, certainly blogging) has fallen by the wayside. I consider this acceptable, in the circumstances. But I’m trying to think of a way to manage a bit better next year. 

Because that’s what December is for: good intentions. Which is to say, figuring out what to feel (most) bad about so you can hone your delusions of improvement to perfection come January. 

That, and salivating over your deliciously pristine new diary, obv.

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