All the cool kids are doing it, so should I… I’ve started my very own Ravelry group. It’s a place for all the usual stuff (pattern testing, KALs, news) but I hope also a place for chatter. It occurred to me that I might very much enjoy chattering there instead of (or as well as) over here; it will make for easier conversations, certainly, and is somehow a bit less intimidating than opening up a new blog post window.

Obviously it’s not the place for lengthy ruminations on Things of Deep Personal Import but it could fill the gap between Twitter and Proper Blogging quite nicely. We’ll see. But whatever happens on the chattering front, I would really love it if you – Dear Reader – would come and join me there, and help me to make my new space a home.

I have to admit to a bit of imposter syndrome on this. As previously explained, I consider myself a designer in training, not (yet) a professional. And it does seem cheeky, in that light, to set up my own group. But it will make pattern testing easier… and it could – should! – be bundles of fun.

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