Find me in Fällanden!

Announcing a new teaching date: on Sunday 10 May, I will be teaching at the Stitching Retreat at the Fällanden youth hostel, between Zürich and Uster. 

From 10-11.30 you can take my Crochet: Start to Finish mini-workshop, and after a short coffee break we’ll dive back in at 12 noon for Yarn Fu – a class in understanding yarn construction and fibres. One of the attendees at last year’s Textilpiazza festival told me recently that the workshop had “transformed” her crochet experience and given her much more confidence in yarn shops – I’m so proud! That’s exactly what I want to do for you: help you to choose and use yarns confidently, so that your projects really get the best out of your materials.  

The crochet workshop covers a handful of super-useful techniques, including chain-free foundation crochet for starting flat pieces (this technique will change your crafting life!), and the invisible finish. In just 90 minutes you’ll learn simple tricks that deliver brilliant results.  

This retreat is being organised by Sabrina Schumacher, one of the organisers of Zürich Stitch ‘n Bitch, for the third year running. I didn’t make it last year, but it should be a lovely weekend in a beautiful setting. There’s also a small marketplace, with just three vendors – but a very appealing three! Anna & Juan offer beautifuly naturally dyed wool, Siidegarte has breathtaking Swiss silk blends and I’m looking forward to seeing what spinner/dyer Gabriela Kos brings for us.

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