Love knitting? Why yes. Yes we do.

May is clearly a good month for crafting. If Me Made May weren’t enough (and honestly, I can only dream of taking on that particular challenge), those good folk at Loveknitting* have declared it Indie Designer month. 

Besides highlighting all the reasons to love independent designers (the hard work, the talent, the inspiration…) and getting to know some specific designers a bit better, through blog entries, Facebook and Pinterest, there is one rather juicy aspect to this promotion that will run all month on the web store: buy an indie pattern, get 10% off yarn.

Not just the yarn for that pattern. All the yarn in your basket.

And yes, any indie designer pattern qualifies. I’m providing a handy link to my own patterns, because why wouldn’t I, but you’ll see there’s more than enough temptation for absolutely any style of knitter. I don’t think there could be any better reason to spend some quality time exploring Loveknitting’s designer collection.

 LoveKnitting Independent Designers 

* I really am quite fond of them, you know. To start with they have a great, well-stocked website and excellent customer service. They stepped up to help Ravelry with the EU VAT challenge. They’ve since announced that they won’t be charging commission to designers. And on top of all that they have featured my own Elfbaby hat a few times, on various platforms, which thrills me to my toes. 

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