5 things: 26.10.2015

1. Designer confidence is a fragile and flighty thing. But it can go up almost as easily as it goes down. I started this week experiencing that familiar feeling (to probably anyone engaged in anything creative ever) that all my ideas suck and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing; by Thursday I was feeling completely charmed with my newest swatch and really pretty excited that it looked exactly, just exactly, the way I wanted.

2. A bilingual conversation, with each person understanding the other but replying in their own language, feels like knitting two-colour brioche. This is one of those observations that makes way more sense in my head than in words.

3. I really, really, really love living where I do. Especially in autumn.

4. Atheism as a movement really, really, really sucks. It’s full of angry white dudes who think the label “sceptic” or “freethinker” means they have sharper brains than anybody else and the way to prove that is to pick fights with strangers on Twitter. When those fights devolve into infighting about REAL atheism, indistinguishable in tone or logic from sectarian infighting about REAL Christianity, well, that’s just fun for everyone. (Aside: I am SO TIRED of atheists wrongly assuming I’m a believer just because I disagree with their shitty logic.)
(Prompted by this pretty good column and the Twitter responses.)

5. I really really really should know better than to ever talk to an angry white dude on Twitter. Ever.

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