In which I have an envy epiphany

Because I have a lot of other things to do, I spent some time this week checking out Twitter links I faved ages ago and then forgot about. (Everybody does that, right? Like bookmarking? “I’ll come back to this later when I have time to watch a video/read the article/when I’m not on my phone.” Twitter faveing is the social media equivalent of Douglas Adams’s view on the VCR: it watches the stuff so you don’t have to. ANYWAY.

I almost didn’t read this from Pinch of Yum, because “blogger burnout” is not really my problem and this is geared very much to professional bloggers, ie not me. But I skimmed anyway and then I found Item 6.

Glorious item #6!

…if you are feeling jealous or competitive about something or someone, write them a note and tell them how much you appreciate their work. Share their post on social media with a nice shout out. Befriend them.

I love this so much

That is quality humaning, right there. 

I am far, far, FAR too given to jealous and competitive feelings. Much bitterness. Much envy. I’m never doing enough myself, what I do isn’t good enough, and everyone around me of course is being amazing. It’s not like I need to be told to “befriend them” exactly, these awesome and admirable women may even already be friends, but what a very nice way to befriend the envy itself. Acknowledge it and make it a force for good. It’s just wonderful. 

The bottom half of the list is pretty good too, but it’s nothing I hadn’t thought of by myself. That #6 though.

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