Ten years on

Exactly 10 years ago, I took these four packages to the post office. 

One of them went to someone who might even be reading this. (Hi, Emily!) The others, unsurprisingly, I don’t remember. But these were the very first Purlescence orders. 

My thirties were defined, in my mind, by two things: Purlescence, and babies. There was overlap, but Purlescence took up the first half quite comprehensively. And babies the second half. I’m glad I sold when I did – I’m thrilled that the site is still powering ahead, after a whole decade; and it was wonderful to be able to give up the frustrations of trying to run a business as well as look after a very demanding little person, knowing I was shortchanging both. 

I’m less sure about what’s happened since. People keep telling me that raising two kids is quite enough achievement to be worrying about, which is all very well, except for all those people who manage to do that and a whole lot more. I know, I know, too much angst on here lately. I promise to stop whining. (No, really: I promise.) I just wanted to mark the moment. This was my last decade. I wonder what I’m going to do to be proud of by the end of the next one.

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