Morning walks and bonfire sparks: 5 things 10.1.16

1. Back to school, back to waking at 5am, back to feeling like I have an outside chance of actually getting things done occasionally. Yay! I might even publish a pattern pretty soon. I have the photos. In fact I have awesome photos. 

2. Walking Dude to and from spielgruppe is a particular pleasure. (Not so much of a pleasure that I’m not thrilled to share the fetching/delivering with another mom when I can, mind.) I wouldn’t otherwise get out of the house before mid-morning – I’m lazy as sin – but mornings are beautiful. And having even a short walk by myself is a lovely way to start the day. The thing is, I’m lazy, but I love to walk. My family (from grandparents to mother to husband, keen mountain walkers all) would laugh and disbelieve me, but it’s true; it’s just not true the way they might expect. I’m only middling keen on mountain and forest walks. Drag me out there and I’ll enjoy it, sure, but it’s not that appealing to me. However, I enjoy actually walking very much. Preferably alone. I like the rhythm of it, one foot in front of the other, and I like how my mind floats free when I’m walking. (Hence the “alone” part.)

There are always so many other things I want to do with my time – up to and including huddling under the duvet – that “going for a walk” isn’t usually (well, ever) top of my list. But walking somewhere with a purpose? Hell yes. I’ll walk all over town if I have things to do and be super happy. Taking my bike would be faster, and hey, riding’s fun too; but I’d rather walk. I’m weird that way. 

3. We went to the library this week, for the first time in way too long (and mostly motivated by the need for German early reading books for Claudia). Libraries, eh? The most awesome invention ever? Discuss. I’d forgotten what an exciting range this one has – you wouldn’t guess it from the outside, it’s so small, but they have masses. Including sewing magazines. And Mollie Makes. In German. I didn’t take any this time, but it has been noted. 

4. Yesterday was Christbaumbrennen – the village bonfire party, where we all chuck our Christmas trees on a huge fire on the same farm where we bought them in the first place (well, the firefighters do that, it’s all very carefully controlled) and then go and eat free sausages and expensive potato salad. It’s completely lovely and a real highlight of my winters here. Also, Christmas trees are just the most fun to burn. Big WHOOSH! and huge cloud of sparks and then as the ball of flame dies down each and every needle is picked out in this gorgeous orange glow. It’s magnificent.  

5. Little Dude turns three tomorrow. I think that means I’ve officially survived the baby-tending phase of my life. Or it might, if he weren’t still in nappies. GET OVER THE NAPPIES, DUDE. Life’s so much better when you don’t have to have poop cleaned off your balls on the regular. I promise.


3 thoughts on “Morning walks and bonfire sparks: 5 things 10.1.16

  1. Walking is the best way to get places! I don’t think it is at all strange to walk all over, but I think that probably just makes me weird too.

  2. I am with you on the walking. I am always happy to walk into town to pick up a pint of milk rather than get in the car. Just getting a little air is so refreshing.

    A bonfire of Christmas trees sounds pretty glorious. There are just not enough social occasions in January. Too much in December, then it all goes quiet. Can’t we spread them out a bit?

    Hope your son had a good birthday. Happy New Year.

    1. Delighted to have agreement (from TWO people!) on the walking. It’s the best. As is the bonfire – it’s a completely different kind of social occasion to the Christmas gatherings, somehow, and a wonderful close to the season.

      And happy new year to you. 🙂

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