Bright sides: 5 things 31.1.16

1. Unusually, I am not really in the mood for blogging my 5 things, and don’t have any thoughts from the week filed away for thingification. But here I am waiting for A to finish his stuff so we can go watch TV together and I’m going to pretend that commentary on my lack of thing is a thing in itself.

2. Dude has been sick this week. Just a cold, but a pretty heavy one. Which makes for interesting comparison (for a given value of “interesting”, granted). Elf as a baby/toddler with a cold was always uncharacteristically cuddly and floppy, as you might expect a baby to be, and so I actually quite enjoyed her sickness because CUDDLES for a change. Dude as a baby was always cuddly EXCEPT when sick. Then he just got cranky and impossible to please. Now, it turns out, he’s suddenly all cuddly and floppy again. I cannot tell a lie: spending a couple of days on the couch with Maxisnuggles is really not terrible. (He’s on the mend now. Which is also good.)

3. Slight pause in the sewing. The angled-stripes skirt I made came out of the wash with pretty severe puckering along the very prominent angled seams. Oops. Not sure why, although I didn’t pre-wash, so I guess that’s reason enough. Meanwhile, I’d already cut out pieces for an angled-stripe T-shirt from the same fabric. Oops. I’ll finish making it anyway – all good practice, right? – and if it’s only fit for wearing at home, well, that’s fine. I’m home almost all the time anyway. 

4. I had a rather lovely conversation with Elf this week in which we agreed that our life is basically perfect, in particular as it pertains to her and Dude and their prospects in life. I mean. We live in one of the best possible countries to live in: safe, prosperous, democratic, great education, extremely beautiful, high standards of environmental protection and animal welfare and all the rest. We have a stable, loving family and are surrounded by loving people who are ready to step in and help any time we need help of any kind. And we’re rich. By the standards of our immediate community, we’re certainly not rich (probably a bit below average, compared with her classmates); but that’s a hella privileged community. We have absolutely everything we need and most of what we want. We are rich. I’m just putting this down, not to be smug (though it is a bit, sorry), but because so much of the time I whine about all the little annoyances of my honestly incredibly blessed life. I just want to be clear: I know. I do know. Despite the whining, I feel blessed. And I even know how lucky I am to be conscious of how good I have it – undimmed by depression or other mental health challenges. I am a pretty jammy cow. Or, as they say in these parts, ein Glückspilz.*

5. I finally got my phone back, after about 6 weeks of living with a creaky old one. (It must have been waiting at the shop for collection for a while – they’d taken my number down wrong, so I didn’t get the message.) Yaaaay! I am quite giddy with fully functioning smartphone delight.

* Lucky mushroom.

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