This is just to say

I have… not eaten any plums. Quite a lot of chocolate, but no plums.

I have had a wonderful birthday, a lovely holiday, and a truly excellent visit from my best friend. What I haven’t had is much time for knitting, nor any at all for blogging (and oh, I miss it!). 

I have also had some really awful news from another dear friend, and I need to spend some time now helping him. So I’m going to be quiet a bit longer. I’m sorry. I’ll be back. Go hug your loved ones, hard, and do some knitting on my behalf.

(And btw. This is my new theme tune: GET SOME PAPERWORK. If you have a relationship that you want other people to recognise, get legally hitched, any way you can. I know, it sucks, it’s loaded with really unpleasant baggage, but you can’t imagine how much it might help. And while we’re on the subject of all things boring, make damn sure you take out travel insurance, and bring the paperwork with you, and keep it somewhere easy to find in case your travelling companion needs to deal with shit on your behalf. Wills are pretty good shit too, actually. Seriously. Be a grown-up. SERIOUSLY.)

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