Working it: 5 things 6.5.2016

1. Quite the week I had, last week. A bunch of freelance projects collided, and one of them turned into unexpected Drama, all during school holidays. Armin was home so at least I didn’t have to deal with the kids TOO much, but we had planned some family fun time, instead of which I was busy and stressed. Not great. On the plus side, though, I kicked solid ass on that suddenly unpleasant job, and was reminded that I do in fact still have a functioning brain and skills and am not entirely useless. Even if I do keep losing my keys.

2. This was a welcome reminder, because at the start of the week (as Twitter followers may recall), I had a total meltdown over losing my keys. Of course, it wasn’t really about the keys. It was about the feeling of having holes in my brain. And maybe a little bit about the person I knew who has just died from actual holes in his brain. (I should probably be more careful in my phrasing. I don’t mean to sound callous. But there it is.) And just. Well. I’ve been crying really easily lately. But beyond that, I’ve been feeling… off. I don’t want to rehash all my stay-at-home-mom frustrations yet again but I’m kind of emotionally exhausted and want to crawl into a cave and not talk to anybody for a month or so. Or at least a couple of hours would be nice.

3. A few weeks ago I decided to give up chocolate, and most sugar, until June (and keep consumption low thereafter). This is for a few reasons, mostly wanting to break bad habits, and also the strong suspicion that excessive sugar consumption might have something to do with the crappy feelings. (Brain fog. Low energy. Fragmented concentration.) So far? It has not helped. Very likely because I have been inadvertently substituting chocolate with cheese and wine. And yes. I do know about the sugar in wine. So, well. Silly me. Anyway, I really miss chocolate. 

4. I haven’t been running in a really long time. This is a mistake.

5. Kids go back to school/spielgruppe next week – for a really long summer term. 


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