3 picks 10.6.2016

Only three picks this week – I haven’t had much time online. I’d rather skimp on quantity than quality.

1. This technique from Fiona Ellis is pure genius – simple but brilliantly effective.

2. This article by Tracy Moore on growing up poor revealed things to me about myself. We were never really poor, but we did have less money than my classmates, and it’s only now occurred to me that that could have something to do with my kneejerk mistrust of consumerism, branded fashion, luxury travel and so on. But I bet it does. (It’s not the only thing. Anti-materialism is a key value for both of my parents, and while I came to reject many of the things mom taught me, that one I appreciate.) Especially, I bet it has a lot to do with how much I hate the word “deserve”, and with the frankly weird way in which I’ve never quite managed to learn to go on holiday, despite really wanting to travel, in theory. It feels so frivolous. A friend told me 15 years ago that I should be more frivolous, and I loved the idea, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

3. The best knitting T-shirt is available again! In lots of colours, too, I’m sure I didn’t have all those choices. Go forth and Seuss yourself, you’ve got till Tuesday.

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