5 picks 17.6.16

1. The Knitter’s Notion Jar is 100% designed for me and my tastes. Like the delightful Knitter’s Tool Tins, but with wood and metal instead of plastic, and well, just kind of steampunky and awesome, yes? Fortunately for my budget, I already have everything in this kit bar the row counter, but if I were less far advanced in my hoarding, well.

© Sarah Wilson, the Sexy Knitter
© Sarah Wilson, the Sexy Knitter

2. This week’s “why can’t I cast that on RIGHT NOW” find is Snood Forest Witch by Svetlana Gordon.

© Svetlana Gordon
© Svetlana Gordon

3. Oh! OH! Addi have indeed made a Click (interchangeable) set of their fabulous olive wood needles! File this under “Things I badly want although I already have enough”. I’m not linking to a retailer because I don’t think they’re available from any of my favourite shops, but they seem to be widely available from various sellers (or will be in about two weeks). 

© Addi
© Addi

4. A beautiful response to a very, very ugly thing: Old Maiden Aunt’s True Colours yarn is breathtakingly lovely. And the need for it so sad.

© Old Maiden Aunt
© Old Maiden Aunt

5. Another beautiful response to the same thing comes in the form of the #queerselflove Twitter hashtag. It gladdens the heart, and I can only imagine what it might do for queer and genderqueer teens. Don’t anyone ever tell me social media is a waste of time.

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