The not entirely lost art of letter writing

You know those “5 picks” posts I’ve done a few of? I’m coming to think their natural home is in a newsletter. It’s time. So I’m making that happen. 

I’ll be sending out a short letter every two weeks, with just a few of the best or most interesting things I’ve encountered during that time: covetable stuff and mind stuff in the general creativity area. Of course I’ll keep you posted on what I’m doing, too. And – obviously – there will be no spamming or address sharing of any sort. I’m using Revue, which is new to me but has a pretty good rep.

I know newsletters aren’t always great, but letters, well, I love getting and writing letters. Don’t you? I’ll do my best to make this a letter worth reading. You can sign up here, and I hope you do. Otherwise I’m just talking to myself, and frankly that’s what a blog is for.

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