5 things in a rush, 19.9.2016

1. Autumn is finally properly here – not just a gentle golden glow and hints of mist, but actual (light) rain and cool air. This makes me very happy. It also made me run significantly faster than usual yesterday, so YAY AUTUMN.

2. Not one but THREE new editing/copywriting clients knocked on my virtual door in the past week or so. One small knitting job (yay editing for knitters! and see, grey IS the new black), one large and of course super urgent corporate gig and one small copywriting thing that might develop into something fun and profitable, but I’m not convinced. I should be grateful for the work, and I am, but with these last two mostly I’m just frustrated at having more stuff getting in the way of wrapping up my current design projects.

3. Discovered a critical calculation fail yesterday that means I have to rip out my big pullover thing yet AGAIN and start over. 

4. And I lost my hexipuff bag. Not a big deal, just a couple of replaceable tools, a couple of finished puffs and miniskeins. But UGH. And the actual bag was a really cute hexibaggy from Marianne. (Custom job, beautifully made. Ask her!) I’ve been craving hexipuffery lately – take that as a sign of stress. They’re just so cute and fast and colourful and soothing…

5. The social calendar is suddenly crammed. Which is making me feel exhausted every time I look at or even think about my diary (introvert time! still not over the whole summer holidays thing!), but at least they’re all nice things. Saturday’s thing was a birthday dinner at a lovely restaurant at the Rheinfall, and it was just a beautiful, gloomy grey day out there.

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