Yay, boo, and everything in between: 5 things 21.11.16

1. Yay circus! I haven’t been to the circus for YEARS and then twice in six months? Wow. Yay. Anyway, Salto Natale is fantastic: an intimate tent, no animal acts, just the good stuff. And these guys. Just look at these guys.

2. Boo potty training! As I’ve said repeatedly, and rather more rudely, on Twitter. It’s been going on forever and no end in sight. I have launched a new assault, with all the weaponry I can muster: confiscating his cars, denying him TV, iPad, cookies, playdates. He has to earn all these privileges by defecating in the appropriate place (hint: NOT IN YOUR PANTS DUDE). Short of actual smacks (which would be a definite own goal since our other challenge is teaching him not to hit), or freezing him out (which I physically can’t do because I’m soft in the head and simply forget that I’m cross with him), I literally can’t think of anything else to do. On the plus side, though, there’s been a noticeable easing of hostilities in the sibling wars, so that’s something.

3. I had a dream t’other night that was hilariously on point: one of the school moms rocked up on my doorstep and I didn’t know what she wanted or what to do with her. I was too busy dealing with kid-related chaos to be at all friendly or even polite, and was really quite unhappy that she was there at all. Eventually – too late to save the situation – I (a) realised that we’d made a coffee date, and (b) saw her take out her knitting and settle into a chat with another mom, also knitting. I could have had a local knitting friend and I screwed it up through my disorganisation and resentment of social interaction!

This is my problem in a nutshell. I want friends, especially knitting friends. But I don’t want overwhelm. And these days, everything feels like overwhelm. I leave you to imagine the great relief I felt on seeing a beautifully empty diary for the week ahead – nothing but the regular engagements. Especially welcome since in the online sense, I’ve got quite a lot on. Gift-A-Long starts tomorrow… and later today I release my favourite Lost in the Woods pattern. (Eeep.)

4. Things that make me happy way out of proportion to their actual value: my new vanilla almond body butter. It’s just a supermarket line (so unless you shop at Migros, I’m afraid you can’t share the joy), but it’s perfect. Perfect consistency, pretty packaging, amazingly delicious fragrance that makes me happy every time I catch a whiff of my arms later in the day. I’ve spent the past few winters feeling mildly discontented on the body cream front, being a fussy cow, so this is very good news. 

5. Things that make me happy in a “crap, talking about this will lose me followers, but it’s awesome” way: for some reasons my long dormant witchy tendencies are coming out again. Yes, it’s confession time. I’ve been burning frankincense oil and drawing tarot cards and taking flower remedies. I know. I KNOW. But they’re all so pretty. And they make me feel like someone I was 15 solid years ago, which is quite fun in itself.

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