Neeeearly there: 5 things 19.12.2016

1. Two of the things I’d applied for (one job thing, one design thing) have come back with a no, and I’m fine with that. Starting 2017 not chronically overworked isn’t exactly a bad result, and the process has been good on both counts. Interesting thing though: in the past few months, I’ve had two job interviews, and landed neither of them. That’s as many unsuccessful interviews as I’d had in the past 20 years. My neighbour has suggested that maybe I needed to have this novel experience of rejection, to get used to disappointment. (Note to self: self, you probably sounded unbearably cocky when you told her you always got the job…) Now, I don’t feel disappointed. I don’t even feel rejected. (Should I? There were excellent reasons for those hiring decisions.) I feel totally fine with the way all these things are working out. But I’m chewing over what it means that I’m (apparently) now far more likely to fail at a job interview than I used to be. Is it overconfidence? Employer reluctance to hire someone after a career break? The natural result of stretching my ideas of what I can apply for? The fact that I’m getting interviews at all I consider encouraging. 

2. Two exciting conversations happened last week. One small thing, one potentially huge thing – which very likely won’t pan out, of course. It’s in the nature of big things to be harder to grasp. I have no expectations, but it’s *really* fun talking about big dreams.

3. Actually it’s three exciting convos, if you include the podcast I recorded for The Cottage Notebook. New experience for me – I don’t trust Skype, hate phones, hate the sound of my voice, but how could I say no to chatting about knitting with a friend? Well, and chatting about myself. I’m a huge egotist. I love talking about myself. Be warned, there’s a lot of waffle on there. Also, apparently everything I do is “fun”, I don’t know any other words. Fun!

4. Christmas is indeed busting out all over. The tree is up, though it will only get decorated on the 24th – behold the Christmas culture clash in operation: the German tradition is that trees don’t go up till Christmas Eve (which is basically actual Christmas). Kids are sent to play outside, magical elves (well, the Christkindli, which is a cherub rather than the baby Jesus) install and decorate the tree and bring the gifts, for full amazing effect when kids come back in all unaware. (How this surprise works for more than one year, I do not know.) But decorating the tree was always one of my very favourite parts of Christmas, and anyway, obviously Santa brings the presents overnight! So our compromise is that we get the tree as close to the 24th as is practical, decorate it en famille on the 24th, then do overnight present delivery. Which, frankly, is a mug’s choice, because way to ensure you get woken up bright and early by very very bouncy children. But I still love it.

5. Just four more days till the Christmas holiday starts – my favourite time of year. It’s not exactly Christmas itself I love so much; it’s the cozy family time, the reflection, the sense of rest and renewal. By the time December arrives I am always absolutely gasping for this holiday at home. This year especially so. If you feel the same, well – we can do it! Last week! Hang in there!

I might not post next week. Then again I might. You can count on me for a proper commitment to my readers, eh? Happy Christmas, one and all!

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