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The pause that hasn’t entirely refreshed: 5 things 20.2.2017

  1. I haven’t wanted to knit all week. (I finally picked up my needles yesterday because two relatives are expecting babies any minute, and y’know, girl’s got obligations.) Being too tired to knit is a really bad sign. I’m at that stage of tiredness when you don’t want to go to bed, because as soon as you fall asleep it’s tomorrow, and tomorrow’s just another exhausting day. I take it on faith that one day I won’t be tired all the time, but frankly the idea of having energy is almost worse, because if I had energy I’d have to do stuff, and that sounds exhausting.

  2. Instead of knitting I’ve been doing that jigsaw puzzle. It’s awful. It’s the worst puzzle ever. A thousand pieces of blurry bluebells, all alike. I’d have thrown it away ages ago if it were really mine, but technically it belongs to Elfling. (Sweetest, most deluded present ever from a childless friend to my then three-year-old. “She likes flowers!” Um, yes.) And she’s really excited to work on it with me. It’s less than satisfying. Yet still more appropriate to my current headspace than knitting.

  3. Besides jigsawing, I’ve been hanging out with a snuffly kid most of the week. He wasn’t really sick, just sick enough to be worth keeping home (mostly so he wouldn’t infect the other kids at spielgruppe). Normally this would drive me crazy, of course. Mommy needs work time. But as it happens, I couldn’t do very much anyway, on account of computer woes and similar. So it was strangely nice playing hooky with my boy. Watching too much TV and being completely irresponsible.

  4. Computer is now fixed, which fills me with joy and also anxiety, because suddenly I have to catch up on everything, and everything is a lot. The next week is looking a whole lot less fun than last week.

  5. “Mommy ALWAYS makes mistakes.” Quoth Little Dude, out of the blue, on Saturday afternoon. He was reflecting on my failure to bring bubbles along to the forest, as promised. Ha, ha, kids are so funny. But when we got home from this forest photo shoot, I realised (a) I’d been wearing the top back to front the entire time, and (b) the top has a glaring mistake right across the bust that I’d totally failed to see while knitting it, finishing it, blocking it, and modelling it the first time. So, kiddo, fair enough.

#52recipes progress: None. I was going to make a grapefruit cake – I bought a grapefruit especially, which M insists on calling “the world’s biggest naartjie” – but haven’t found the right moment. Maybe this afternoon. Cooked some pretty good meals anyway, though. (Monday: sheet pan chicken & root veg; Tuesday: stewed the roasted remnants with rice. Yum. Wednesday: roasted a butternut, made butternut pancakes; Thursday: turned the rest of the butternut into pasta sauce. Felt pretty pleased with myself for all this roast-once-eat-twice meal planning.)

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