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The storm before the calm: 5 things 6.3.2017

  1. It bugs me that I can’t get over the feeling that exposing my fat body in certain ways – bare tummy, tight clothing – is indecent. Fine, it’s not flattering. But if I’m hot, and wearing a perfectly respectable tight T-shirt, shouldn’t I be able to take off that loose top layer? Can’t bring myself to do it though, and not just because I’m vain. It feels indecent. Unacceptable in public. You’d think that if I can see this is bullshit, I could change my attitude, but I can’t.

  2. Last week held the triple whammy of school holidays, personal project stress and – as the fates would have it – FIVE paid jobs all lined up at the same time. I’m so over this ridiculous amount of juggling. I need a nap. That lasts about a week.

  3. That said, two of those jobs were editing and laying out patterns, and were a lot of fun. I’m excited to have more of that in my life. If you’re in Edinburgh this weekend, look out for The Knitting Goddess’s accessory booklet – six gorgeous little things designed for her irresistible mini-skein rainbows.

  4. And look out for me! I’ll be there WITH BELLS ON as they say in the classics. I’m excited and terrified and exhausted in anticipation. But mostly excited.

  5. Met two new babies this weekend (our extended family has been busy). They are so tiny and ridiculous! And I so don’t want another one! Nor do I want to knit any more baby gifts for a while; between these and the #stressmustfall up-cheerers I made for friends last year, I’m about done with fiddly little things. Although it is nice getting things off the needle quickly.

No 10 of #52recipes: cauliflower and caramelised onion tart from, well, you know where. Now, I didn’t actually expect my kids to eat this, because cauliflower and onion! And in fact they didn’t eat much of the actual tart. They didn’t hate it. But they didn’t really eat it. However. I made this tart to take to someone, so I double cooked the night before: made double the quantity of onion and roasted cauliflower, and put the other half in a frittata (with bacon). And the frittata went down extremely well. So. There are definitely ways to feed the kids broccoli and cauliflower without fighting for it. Noted.

Also noted: my pie dish seems to be a leetle too big for this recipe, needs more filling. But still good.

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