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Hitting the mute button: 5 things 15.5.17

  1. Last week I finished up work on a big thing for my crappy day job, meaning (a) I’ve officially cleared the last deadline on my schedule, and (b) having worked extra hours to meet it, I can now take a whole week off. This is thrilling. I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. I’m not going to use the time to crack on with design or other work. That’s not going anywhere. I’m going to use the time to just be quiet.

  2. I’m even going to take a Twitter break. Heaven help me. You might see me posting from Instagram – I tend to get less sucked in there, so that’s not part of the ban. But let’s find out if I can fix my out of control Twitter habit… And if I even really want to.

  3. I’ve just spent the weekend in Dublin, having flown over for an Instagram workshop with Kate (@aplayfulday, and apologies for not linking, but I’m typing this in my phone with a headache and frankly finding the linking is too much right now). So exciting and jetset! But mostly just tiring. It’s worked out a little too much like Edinburgh, though on a smaller scale: coming right after a whole lot of work, I just didn’t have the energy.

  1. Am considering the possibility that I actually just don’t like travel, or indeed people,* as much as I think I do. Considering how quick I am to whine about tiredness and all. I kind of think it’s more than just a momentary problem, but I hope it’s a passing thing anyway.

  2. 99 days to kindergarten…

No 20 of #52recipes:rhubarb strawberry crisp bars. Oh, the beauty of this recipe. No mixing bowl required – just bung it straight in the baking pan. Make crumble, add fruit, top with lemon juice + sugar + more crumble. And so delicious.

  • Important clarification: I DO like people in general, and individual people very much, and especially those I make the effort to travel to see! Obviously. But groups are hard, and public places are noisy and my ears are a bit crap , so, well. 

2 thoughts on “Hitting the mute button: 5 things 15.5.17

  1. I love number 5! I cherish the days when both kids are doing things and I have time and space for myself. Much as I love my kids, sometimes I just need to have time without them.
    And I get the hearing thing too. I’ve had partial hearing loss in one ear for the past week and it’s hard work. I’m hoping mine is temporary…

    1. Seriously. Time without kids is the best thing in the entire world. (Well. I suppose technically actually having those kids is the best thing… but it doesn’t always feel like it!)

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