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A week without tweeting: 5 things 22.5.17

  1. That was hard. Man I missed Twitter. But a valuable exercise; I think I can see my way to cutting down without cutting off my poor nose. As it were.

  2. Without Twitter I found myself looking for other ways to waste time online. (Oh hello, Pinterest! Fancy seeing you here!) Talk about pointless. So THAT’S the instinct I really need to beat – not Twitter itself.

  3. The weather this week was perfect: sunshine with springy freshness. I bet I’ll start to suffer from the heat starting next week. Stoopid summer-resisting body.

  4. A week of nothing is not nearly enough nothing. I had to take care of assorted unavoidable householdy stuff and then I got sick. Of course. So… it was nice not having to work, definitely, and not feeling like I had to be Getting On With It. But inevitably, it wasn’t quite enough. Oh well. It’s okay. My desk is a bit clearer and my giant pile of mending and darning is almost entirely gone and I did enjoy the gentle pace of it all.

  5. The tonsillitis, not so much. Man, that’s an inconvenient sickness for a parent. (Can’t even talk! Not to kids! Not to call a doctor! INCONVENIENT.) My inner Holistic Healing Hippie is all, What do you think you’re not wanting to talk about? and the rest of me is all oh get over it.* It was also really pretty severe. Might not have hit me so hard if I hadn’t had to prepare for overnight houseguests exactly when it was first settling in, but I did, and it did, and wowzer. There went the next four days. As Armin said, when I get sick, I get really SPECIALLY sick. I am my mother’s daughter?

  • Meanwhile the rest of YOU are rolling your eyes so hard at the mere idea that there could be anything the Queen of Oversharing wouldn’t want to talk about. Ad nauseum. I mean really.

No 21 of #52recipes: this saucy fish, except I used cod. Oh MY was that delicious. Oh my. But the quantity of butter also fairly shocking. It’s a good thing I don’t let things like that bother me. Much.

And finally, all the things I wanted to tweet, written here instead and saved up for your viewing pleasure my gratification:

– When you see the yarn you’ve JUST bought for a design very dear to your heart on the “discontinued” list…  and then you realise that’s the other weight. Phew. (Should I maybe hurry up with this one, though…?)
– Sunday night: can’t wait to be back with my delicious monsters!
– I have found a new happy place and it is in the virtual playground with @hansu_h‘s pooches.
– Is there anything more delicious than cold dry rosé on a summer’s evening? I think we all know the answer. #lush
– Ausländer level up: conducted hour-long Gespräch with insurance adviser auf Deutsch! Ausgezeichnet!
– Oh, the way my daughter expresses herself. Friendship dramas: “There is a thorn tree growing between us.”
– You know what’s really fun when expecting houseguests you don’t actually know? A severe throat infection, rendering speech actually painful (and preparations exhausting). #evenmoreintrovert
– Oh gods it’s starting. Only just hitting the mid-twenties but the dreaded summer humidity is here to squash the life out of me.

…and then a whole bunch of whining about how sick I was, probably, isn’t it fortunate you were spared?

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