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Summer vacation: 5 things 28.5.17

  1. Tonsils are STILL the size of golf balls, and although they don’t really hurt any more, they’re certainly not comfortable. Nor am I feeling great generally. All very well having an excuse to slack off on housework but I’m kind of over this. Why must I always get so emphatically sick? Just a basic cold that actually passes would be fine.

  2. Enjoyed a four-day weekend (kids had two days off for Auffahrt, and thanks to a miracle of forward planning, so did Armin), but because I was still feeling crap, we didn’t exactly make the most of it. Still, I think four days is about the right length of time for a weekend. Enough time to work (there’s always work, even on a weekend), socialise (or at least let the kids socialise), clean, hang about and still get a proper outing in. That’ll do.

  3. Sunday’s outing was to Schloss Lenzburg – which I’d heard was a good place for kids and it’s totally true. In fact I think it’s the best castle I’ve ever visited: the best presented and most enjoyable. It’s not the biggest, doesn’t have the most impressive museum collection or the most authentic displays. But it’s very very accessible. It’s a good size, not too big, and very pleasant to explore. The exhibits include shadow plays and clever video installations to convey a sense of living people using the space. There’s a dragon research room (!) with samples of different kinds of dragon hide to touch, and a huge play area at the top of a tower, with a crafts area as well as dress-up, a toy castle with knights and wizards and a queen as well as just general toys, because hey, little kids will get bored, and how awesome to have a chance to simply hang out and play in a real castle? We absolutely loved it.

  1. Finger twinge has basically disappeared, at last – but only AFTER I gave in, picked up the needles and ploughed gamely on. It’s official. I have to knit, for the sake of my health.

  2. Finally, a PSA: I’m going to be dialling down my blogging for a while. No more 5 things. This is kind of an odd decision for me, because I keep telling people how much I love my 5 things routine and how it keeps me blogging. And I really love my blog! But for reasons ranging from lack of time to a more introspective mood, and some questioning of what I’m doing this for, I’ve chosen to take a step back. I’m even slowing down my newsletter. You’ll still see me on Twitter and Instagram; and I’ll certainly not be quitting the blog altogether. It’s just going to be a bit quieter for a while. Let’s call it a summer break. Not that I’m promising to resume previous service after the summer, but then again I’m not going to be completely absent, so hey, it balances out? …or something.

One thought on “Summer vacation: 5 things 28.5.17

  1. I hope you are feeling better!!!! Tonsilitis is NO joke. I had it years ago but blegh! Also that castle sounds/looks amazing. Wish we could have gone with you all! xoxo

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