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5 things 3.7.17

  • C has been properly signed up for Mittagstisch (lunchtime meal/childcare) on Tuesdays as of August. This is exciting for her and for me – M will be eating with a friend, and both kids have afternoon classes, so for the first time in EIGHT AND A HALF YEARS I can expect to have 8 hours to myself on a regular basis. You can’t imagine how exciting this is.
  • Impatiently waiting on confirmation for assorted other child activities. The weekly calendar is starting to look pretty full, and we’re fairly laidback about extramurals. Parenting, honestly, it’s just constant barely controlled chaos.
  • Very sweet moment last week: C was having a massive sulk – definitely not the sweet part – and then I happened to see M lying cuddling her and chatting. He must have gone to cheer her up, which is less surprising than her letting him. Anyway, very very sweet. (And then he came to ask me, as evidently instructed, whether I would care if C were run over by a car. Little drama queen!)
  • I am very conscious of impending summer holiday – starting with a week away, and I do not at all feel adequately prepared, knitting-wise. Nor am I anywhere close to being ready for four weeks at home with the kids after that. Loins in dire need of girding.
  • I have a cupboard full of knitting projects awaiting attention (most of which are just yarn and a plan, at this point, not actual WIPs) and a shelf full of books crying out to be read and isn’t that what summer holidays are for? But not, alas, with small children. Unfair, don’t you think? Unfair.

No 24 of #52recipes: crispy frizzled artichokes, except they were neither crispy nor frizzled, because I ran out of time. For that reason, and because I don’t think I prepped them properly (first time artichoking!), only semi-successful. But worth trying again. 

I’m a smidge behind on my recipes – summer is not conducive; I don’t want to be spending any more time in the kitchen than necessary, and nor do I have much interest in proper eating. If only I were more of a salad person…

6 thoughts on “5 things 3.7.17

  1. i find I love a good salad that someone else has prepared for me… haha. if I am in charge of making my own, it’s usually pretty boring and I only halfheartedly enjoy it. The kids prefer cut up fresh veg with ranch dressing…. they would eat most anything dipped in that! Ha!

    1. Right! Salad can be so good, but making is so incredibly boring – especially since the kids are so conservative, I don’t have a lot of options for making it more interesting. They don’t hate salad (Swiss “French” dressing is fantastic, so that helps) but they certainly don’t love it. As for cut up veg, apart from carrots and cucumber and MAYBE tomato, there’s not a lot they’d go for. Even with dressing or mayo! It’s too annoying.

  2. I totally understand your excitement about time to yourself. I’m off to a wool festival this weekend, and one of the bits I am most looking forward to is the two hour car journey on my own. I cannot wait!

    1. Oh yes! I did a lot of solo travelling this year and last; most of it wasn’t exactly fun, but I cherished the airport + flight time…

    1. I seriously can’t wait. It’s half the expected productivity gain I’m excited for, and half just being by myself for a whole day. WOW. I’m convinced I’ll feel more myself than I have in years. (And yes. We are, aren’t we?)

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