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I done forgot!

Whoops, missed out the #52recipes update on this morning’s post. No 26: I made raspberry-topped lemon muffins at the very last minute before going away; I’d bought the raspberries especially in order to use up some lemons, but then I failed to do the baking timeously so had to throw out half the raspberries. Domestic goddess, that’s me. Anyway. I also failed to check the recipe properly and so didn’t have buttermilk when the time came (at about 9pm). So I used regular milk plus the juice from those zested lemons. Shrug and a wave and that’s my style, baby, I cooks how I pleases (and when it fails at least I know who to blame).

They were good, but to my taste a little dry; don’t know if actual buttermilk would have made any difference. And of course they would have been better with the full amount of raspberries. The rest of the family loved them though.

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