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Bumpy: 5 things 28.8.17

  • After being Quite Slack for a while, I’m getting back in the running and housework grooves, and I realise I feel pretty much the same way about each of them. I mean I’d way rather go running than clean. But: both are easy things to drop if you’re feeling low, or tired, or overscheduled. Both are actually easier to fit in than you think, when you’re feeling that way. Both are always, always well worth it. Even a short session is important and rewarding – both for the immediate benefit, and because the longer you don’t do it, the harder it is when you do get back in the game. Both make you feel better about yourself and the home you live in (forgive me stretching a point here but if your body isn’t the home you live in…). Anyway, yay running, and yay sparkly bathrooms!
  • Settling into the new, kid-light routine is predictably bumpy. I have to learn how to avoid distractions when I’m alone, and make the most of my time. I also have to learn how to use the increasing chunks of time I have when the kids are home, but occupied. There’s an art to it. I have to essentially operate three separate to-do lists: one for Actual Work Time (proper work that needs concentration!), one for On Call Time (properish work that doesn’t require my full brainpower), and one for In Between Time (work of the tidying desk or putting laundry away variety). I’ve not exactly mastered the system yet.
  • I have Opinions about Taylor Swift. I’m not going to actually bore you with them. I’m just going to acknowledge that I do in fact have Opinions, both pro and anti. I also have pre-ordered the album, both because 1989 was fantastic and on general contrarian principle, because the hate is every bit as overdone as the love.*
  • I didn’t get an interview for the job, which I find dispiriting. Ok I wasn’t a shoo-in, and ok I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted it, but I did think I was a good fit and at least deserved an interview. Oh well. They clearly don’t deserve me anyway.
  • My bad mood post-rejection was significantly improved by this artwork from Little Dude, which you may have seen on Twitter, and which is amazing on many levels.  IMG_20170824_200424
    It is – as if you need to be told – a fairy, viewed from behind, with a pile of subdivided poop and two trees.
    Dude doesn’t draw. Ever. He sometimes likes to paint his name, or straight lines. Elf recently showed him how to draw snails, and he filled a page with them. That’s all he’s ever drawn. And now this. I couldn’t be more delighted.

* Also because I am apparently having a music buying binge. I couldn’t resist grabbing The Regrettes‘ album within a hot minute of learning that the Regrettes even existed, and did much the same with South African/Congolese rapper Rouge, not to mention this track. Rap is not exactly my favourite genre. Nor is punk. Nor, for that matter, is Taylor Swift. But awesome is awesome.

No 32 of #52recipes: cauliflower and feta fritters (I used only one egg, and that was perfect). Thumbs up from everyone except the 4yo. 


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