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Exciting / not exciting: 5 things 4.9.2017

  • Having enough kid-free time (sick days, school holidays, Lehrerweiterbildung etc aside) to make it worth creating an actual schedule of what I’m doing with that time is really very exciting. Screw that whole free spirit, spontaneous thing, all I really want in life is a nice neat calendar with lots of blocks telling me exactly what I should be doing at any given moment. I’ve got a System: Mondays are for sorting shit out, Tuesdays – my gorgeous, long, eight-hour solo day! –  are for design work, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for my actual job (boo, hiss), Fridays are for study. Of course sometimes I have freelance copywriting or editing work, which theoretically could mess the whole system up, but I like this framework very much.
  • First Dude made a quantum leap in art.* Now Elfling in reading. It has been killing me that she just wasn’t that into books, and even when she had a book she really liked, she was verrrry slow in reading and might not ever finish it. Until last week, when she sped through a Sternenschweif book in two days. She’s been borrowing Sternenschweif from the school library on every single library visit, so it’s not like she’s just now discovered what she likes. But she has suddenly discovered the power to read it at a proper pace. I’m amazed and delighted. (And just a little bit wondering whether any of the credit might go to the Wonder Woman book I got her in the holidays, which she read over and over and over and over and over…)
  • Not exciting: realising all over again just how much I need to work on my photo editing. It’s not like it’s exactly hard (well, sometimes it is), but even when I get things exactly the way I think I want them, I end up confused at how they appear on various different platforms (why is that looking so fuzzy when I checked the resolution and it’s definitely actually in focus?), and oh noez this picture is fine by itself but the colour looks completely wrong next to that picture, and oh crap, do I have to go through my entire back catalogue of designs and edit all the pictures afresh? Oh my poop.**color_models
    (xkcd, of course)
  • Having all this time on my hands (ahahaha) has done nothing at all to make me a better hausfrau or a more engaged mother. I still have to resist the constant urge to run away from the task in front of me, be it cooking or packing laundry away. This is neither exciting nor the reverse, it’s just a fact.
  • Definitely exciting: with Dude starting swimming lessons, I get to swim myself every week. Understand, for the past 8 years or so, I’ve been around water often enough but was always too busy ensuring small persons didn’t drown to do any swimming myself. Now I can do actual lengths! I’m a terrible swimmer, actually. It’s probably not going to do much for my fitness levels. But I do enjoy the water, I enjoy being alone in it, and it’s a nice balance to the running.
  • Second drawing this week featured a rather small person sitting dangling his feet in water next to an arched bridge. Person and bridge are recognisable. Dangling of feet has to be explained. Person has one arm of normalish length and one that reaches allllll the way over to the opposite end of the page, landscape view. No poop. BUT! This peaceful scene being a touch too peaceful, he added a shark eating the person’s feet.
    ** An expression I am brazenly stealing from a friend’s 6yo. Thanks Norah! You know just how to express yourself!

#52recipes: nothing at all because right now I am very much not enjoying cooking for kids who turn their noses up at everything. Dude has suddenly decided he can’t bear rice, just as A has requested more rice, and just as (in my mind at least) risotto season has begun. Bit fed up, me.

3 thoughts on “Exciting / not exciting: 5 things 4.9.2017

  1. Bahahahahahaha you used Norah’s expression!!!!!!! hahaha Oh that caught me off guard while reading this! Hahahaha.

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