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Eish: 5 things 11.9.2017

  • Another job rejection, this time on a long-term freelance gig that I really wanted. And again, I thought I was a good fit, but I didn’t even rate an interview. Oh well. It’s fine. It’s fine. I have plenty on the go and all it’s just… demoralising. Whatever. It’s fine. Pass the chocolate.
  • Autumn. Yay!
  • I really need a lot more knitting time. A LOT. You’d think I’d have that now (yay kindergarten!), but I haven’t quite caught up with myself yet. And, y’know, it’s autumn! It’s not only prime knitting season on the personal front, it’s also prime pattern-selling season, and I am not prepared. I have a LOT planned and I’m just… not moving forward fast enough. I’ll get there, right? Eish.
  • Precious knitting time being interfered with not just by rush of freelance work (yay!) but by kids demanding dinosaurs. They’re small, they’re cute, I should be able to knock them out in no time flat and get back to my REAL knitting but… eish. Sodding AMIGURUMI, man.IMG_20170909_175652
  • I’m tired. That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Eish: 5 things 11.9.2017

  1. Hugs!!! Don’t worry, I haven’t magically figured out how to get a lot of knitting done during my precious alone hours yet either. Today was getting in a run and picking up library books (and laundry), tomorrow is yarn shopping (for a custom order, no fun other yarn allowed ha) and grocery store trip. NEED MOAR TIME!

    1. I’m trying to work on knitting more when the kids are actually around, at least, instead of faffing about unable to concentrate on anything. Sometimes it works. Sometimes.

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