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Getting shit done (a bit): 5 things 30.10.2017

  • I have been wishing forever that Google Photos (which I love dearly even though the editing functions are way crappier than they used to be) had a way for me to file away old photos that I was finished editing and sorting into albums, so that I could see more easily what I had or hadn’t dealt with. And of course it does. Hello archive button! Hello familiar renewed realisation of my own stupidity! And hello greatly improved efficiency at actually dealing with those photos and videos. I give you a montage of Elf’s increasing boldness on the diving board in celebration.
  • Indian summer/goldenen Herbst seems to be over for real, it’s all grey skies and biting wind now. I finally get to wear my new cowls, yay, but then again I do already miss that beautiful low sunshine.
  • Kids’ room needed new curtains and it has been A Saga. A saga of bad choices, slow sewing (to improve badly chosen curtains as well as to shorten them), shopping mistakes… and the most annoying part is that even when it’s all done, probably I STILL won’t like them. Let’s hope I can at least live with them. I can’t deal with this all over again.
  • In the week ahead I have one quick writing job, my usual admin work, and… finally, some actual, proper, scheduled and non-interfered with design time? Can this be real?? At last??? I do hope so because I have STUFF to work on. Much STUFF.
  • Must also take All The Photos for Wovember! I am possibly getting a little too into Instagram challenges, yes. I do think I’m going to have to skip a couple of these – nobody in this family, including the dolls, has anything resembling a waistcoat, for instance. And I’m certainly not going to whip one up just for a picture. hermione pondering

No 43 of #52recipes: warm butternut squash and chickpea salad. I roasted the chickpeas alongside the butternut, and they were fantastic. Skipped the onion because I know my kids. The tahini dressing was fine, though far too thick (even with the addition of a lot of water), and basically I just wouldn’t bother with it again: rather add some extra spices and maybe sesame seeds to the roasting pan. But I definitely need to roast chickpeas more often, even just to snack on. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought this. 

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