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Small wins: 5 things 27.11.17

  • I’ve been working with pics a lot this week – new and old – and I’m noticing just how much my photography has improved. It’s still not at all where I want it to be, but if nothing else, I can quickly see what’s wrong with a photo. Sometimes I can fix it in post, sometimes I can retake it better, sometimes it’s irredeemable, but spotting the problems easily is great in itself.
  • Still very much enjoying writing my newsletter, still low-key wondering whether it’s completely pointless, but every now and then a new reader tells me they love it and I GLOW. That’s enough.
  • Wrote a thing about a topic I really don’t know about – that’s ok, it’s part of the gig to research, and I love doing it, but this one was a bit different and I worried that I’d missed the ball. Client wrote back to say “Wow! I didn’t know all that, so interesting!” and again: GLOW.
  • GAL time has me reviewing my knitting work, my business progress, all that. It’s easy for me to feel disappointed in everything I haven’t done, but if I just look at the actual designs I’ve put out in the last year or so: they’re really nice. And again, that’s enough.
  • I am getting a great deal of joy from non-crafty Instagram feeds – dogs. Cape Town street photography. That kind of thing. (I’m not that much of a doggy person, but oh man, those Instagrammers know how to capture the pure joy of a happy hound! And, well, basset ears. Need I say more.)

No 50 of #52recipes: these cocoa brownies, which, yes, really are the best ever. Sorry Mel. Your recipe has been officially usurped. I used butter (115g) instead of oil, lots of lovely sea salt, and pecans instead of walnuts. Amazing. 

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