Extra random: 5 things 12.2.18

  • I accidentally discovered daughter’s crush. I assured her I didn’t see that heart doodle, but I did. She has good taste.
  • I rocked a stranger’s world with the knowledge that you can turn a custard slice on its side to fork it up without smooshing. (Well. Without as much smooshing.) So, if you didn’t know, now you know. (Also, good lord, 125 likes for that? Instagrammers must really like pastry.)
  • I bought a new outfit last week (very basic, just a long top and skinny jeans) and have worn it every day since. It isn’t miraculously stylish or flattering, but it fits, it feels gorgeous (viscose and tencel blends, so soft!) and it’s really nice to just pull something on that doesn’t pinch or ride up or need extra effort (like finding coordinating tights – my winter uniform has been short cord skirts and woolly tights, and that’s great, but a little more work) or make me feel bad about my bulges. Hooray for fashion that is, if not exciting, at least discreet.
  • I’ve been deeply absorbed in my design thing (almost there now) and neglecting the morning run/walk as a result. Very bad idea. But also, frankly, I’ve not been at all motivated. I really want some weather that isn’t grey now please.
  • Ski holiday is two weeks away and, I’m sorry, but I’m not really looking forward to it. How spoilt am I?! But it just feels like hard work. I know my body isn’t ready for it, and I’m a terrible skier, and skiing with kids is really… it’s a lot. Even if we put them in ski school every day, and rent a locker so we don’t have to lug all of our equipment up the hill to our flat. It’s a lot. But woo yay, skiing! Snow and sunshine! (Probably.) This is what life in Switzerland’s all about! Still kinda just want to curl up in bed for the week instead though.

Nos 6 & 7 of #52recipes: red onion tart with corn meal crust from Comfort Food. Found this book secondhand some years ago, was one of the first cookbooks I bought and still a favourite: everything looks very familiar and doable, but delicious. Very much “that’s what I want to eat now!” rather than “ooh, interesting, will explore”. And the recipes have lots of progress photos – which is hardly ever necessary – but nice. Anyway, the tart was of course excellent, though I bastardised the filling as usual. (Fewer onions and (different)  cheese, added sausage and broccoli and egg.)
Also roasted tomato soup from (I’m sorry) Smitten Kitchen, because we did agree website recipes were ok after all, right? RIGHT. Served with shop-bought Flammkuchen and salad instead of grilled cheese toppers, because I feared enormous mess from the children and probably me. Max still not a soup fan, but Claudia quite liked it. (They BOTH loved the Flammkuchen, which is entirely correct – holy crap that stuff’s delicious – but also a big change from the last time I served it! So that was an excellent surprise, and motivation to learn to make it from scratch.) Btw, this was every bit as delicious as the Food Network roasted tomato soup I made recently, but without any butter or cream. Win.    

2 thoughts on “Extra random: 5 things 12.2.18

    1. It does, but it’s really not! The base is much thinner and lighter (if you order a flammkuchen for lunch with nothing else, you’re going to wind up hungry), and there’s no cheese, just a sour cream type base. With the classic bacon and onion topping it’s really *really* good and surprisingly light.

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