Good things that are also bad: 5 things 19.2.18

  • Can one have imposter syndrome AND Dunning-Kruger? I keep surprising myself by doing something well that I feared I’d screw up, and that’s cool, but I also keep realising I am confidently passing opinions on things I really am not qualified to talk about. Whoops.
  • I have worn my new skinny jeans, with one of two basic black tops, every day for more than a week now. I may never take them off. Is this the death of my “wear actual outfits” ambition?
  • Online shopping sucks. I mean it’s great! But it sucks when it doesn’t work. Like when they send the wrong colour of the thing you really want, and then it turns out they’re out of the right colour, and it’s so disappointing. Or, worse, online grocery shopping. Such a great idea. So poor in execution. At least here in Switzerland. I was getting pretty good at it back in London (I find it’s remarkably easy to screw up your order – wrong quantity or size etc) but here, yeesh. The interface is terrible and besides taking me a ridiculously long time to place my order, I screwed up so many things. Like ordering six boxes of a tea I’m not even sure we’ll like. HOW I did that, I’ve no idea, none at all. But now I’m stuck with it. Anyway, it was worth it for getting groceries in when the larder was bare and I was home with a sick Max.
  • On the plus side, I treated myself to a random lipstick besides all the groceries, because it was on sale and dammit I felt I deserved it for wading through that horror of a website. It’s fairly inexcusable in terms of me really not needing another lipstick and furthermore, trying hard to cut down on the consumerism, because I’m well aware that we have Too Much Shit. So, that’s a fail, but you know, it’s hard to beat a new lipstick for an instant mood lift. Ten francs of happy, that’s not a bad deal.
  • Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol. Nothing but Paw Patrol. Which isn’t on Netflix, so I can only get it by recording from Zattoo – either Kika or Channel 5 – both of which, but particularly Channel 5, are packed with awful ads. And obviously recording one 10-minute episode at a time means an awful lot of parental help is required if the kid wants to watch Paw Patrol for more than 10 minutes at a time. Which, spending a few days on the couch with a fever, he most certainly did. Curse those furry little monsters.

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