Panic in all the wrong places: 5 things 12.3.18

  • I started the week with great overwhelm, coming out of nowhere after just one week away. Staring into oncoming birthday (daughter’s) and other deadlines, passports expiring and sudden job applications, and oh gods, flailing flailing. This despite having kids booked into holiday programme at the community centre from 10 to 5 every day. (It was a first for Max, and I half expected to pull him out by the end of the week, but he was fine. I think he would have preferred to be at home a bit more, but he never complained, and definitely enjoyed the crafts. Claudia loved it.) Very glad I had that booked, at least. Lifesaver.
  • Part of the problem is that I pre-filled (half-filled) my to-do list for this week with all the things I thought I’d be working on now. Mistake. Really. It means that all the other little things that came up have to get squeezed onto about half a page instead of taking up their rightful place, there’s no visible prioritising, and, well, it’s a mess. And a stress. What was I thinking? All those items already exist in my online planning, it’s not like I needed to write them down early, I just thought I’d note what I wanted to work on in that week, but by the time I came back things had shifted. Lesson learned. Don’t try to be Too Clever. (Right, Dad?!)
  • Also suddenly consumed with exciting major project idea, or two, that I absolutely, totally don’t have time for. (It’s not even a new idea, it’s just… suddenly I don’t want to leave it on the back burner any more.) Have obviously started a Trello list for it anyway. And a Pinterest board. And I may possibly have inexcusably bought some yarn. Also suddenly decided to submit another idea to Twist Collective, with not much notice. Eish, my priorities.
  • I have two job interviews this week (and am waiting on a semi-probable third), so of course I have a stye. A teeny tiny one, maybe not so very noticeable, but still, annoying.
  • Yes, it is weird having a bunch of prospects suddenly, especially as two of them are with companies I previously applied to, to resounding silence. Maybe I’ve gotten better at writing applications, or maybe My Time Has Come At Last, now that Saturn’s moved into Capricorn. (What? Totally a plausible explanation.) I feel remarkably calm about these interviews, regarding them almost as a minor annoyance in my schedule. I guess that’s what happens when you get really used to failure, and also, none of these are exactly my dream career move. They’re not bad! They move me forward! Just, I would have preferred the cool university gig, y’know? Although the banks almost certainly pay better.

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