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Happy birthday to me! 5 things 26.3.18

  • Once again my good intentions fall victim to the proximity of my birthday to C’s birthday, and I have totally failed to make myself a cake. I deserve cake! I want cake! I have no energy to make cake. Maybe at the weekend.
  • You’ll note there has been an echoing absence of #52recipes for, um, some time now. Since Sportferien at least. I feel like I’ve had a lot on, and I’m not sure if that’s actually quite true, but still; I’ve barely managed to scrape together any kind of meals, let alone fancy new ones. There was plenty of birthday baking but I feel that’s not the time to try new recipes, it’s stressful enough with the tried and trusted ones. Still, plenty of time yet to catch up.
  • Unless I get a job. I might yet get a job. I’m waiting to hear if I’m on one shortlist, and waiting for an interview on another job (having passed the initial tests) that’s been postponed for more than a week. It’s very distracting and has been contributing significantly, if unreasonably, to the “lots on very busy” feeling. If I do get a job, I won’t have to cook for at least three days a week – yeeha! – and we’ll have to see whether that leaves me with more or less energy to try new things on the remaining days.
  • I also have a new freelancing reporting gig, have I mentioned this? I feel less than enthused about it. Not the job’s fault, my fault. I don’t want to have to make phone calls, basically. It’ll probably do me good to be forced to get over that. Dammit.
  • We had actual sunshine over the weekend! Sunshine you could FEEL! It was glorious. A whole 11º or so. (No, really. I know that sounds cold, but it was beautiful, as long as you stayed in direct sun.) Tried something new: I took the kids out on wheels while I went for a run. A really short, slow, much interrupted run, as it turns out. C did fine on her skates but M on his scooter was far quicker to get tired. Next time I’ll make him take the bike.
    Was still fun, though. Not the most effective exercise. But a very nice time with the kids.IMG_20180325_123542
    Please note that the impression of hopeful green fuzz on the left there is a complete illusion – just the evergreens shining through. All the bare brown trees look completely unchanged since December. Spring is really late this year. You can see leaf buds some places if you look really hard, but there’s absolutely no green, no cherry blossom, and the crocuses – more common here than daffodils – have only just come up. 

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me! 5 things 26.3.18

  1. What it’s your birthday!??!?!? Happy birthday friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also our trees look the same!!! (and even similar weather this week, barely warm in the sun) haha 🙂

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