Well then: just 2 things 14.5.18

  • Apparently I have a job. Yay! It’s not the job I wanted. Boo. But it’s a job, and I think it’ll be fun. And it’s only six months. Also not ideal, but then again, it’s not the ideal job, so.
  • Pseudo-profound thought of the week: the difference between overwhelmed and not overwhelmed isn’t the length of your to-do list; it’s getting to the end of the day with everything actually done that needed to be done. (Equally unlikely with a short or long list, in my opinion.) And what makes that happen is eating those damn frogs. (Not Mark Twain’s motto, btw, but an effective one.) In my case it’s usually true that the frogs are also my smallest tasks, in terms of time spent – phone calls and such; the big jobs offer the great satisfaction of sinking into them for an hour or two – which makes it doubly rewarding to tick off half a dozen first thing.
    And what makes that happen is actually feeling refreshed, ready to work, and not overwhelmed. So having just enjoyed a thorough holiday reboot, I feel able to work productively. Am hoping judicious frog eating will mean I can keep that overwhelm at bay, and keep this productivity going for longer.
  • That’s about it. Going to go and get used to the idea of this job thing, and try to clear as much of my own work off my plate as I can before I have to start.

No 13 of #52recipes: delicious halloumi and vegetable roast from Smitten Kitchen Every Day. 

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