Weebles wibble but they don’t fall down: 5 things 21.5.2018

  • Although the new job officially starts in June, I’ve sort of started already – with half a day of handover behind me, and my first task (conducting a short interview for the website) lined up for this Thursday evening. What I haven’t yet done is had a proper discussion about my hours. It’s a full-time job but I need to work from home sometimes, which has been agreed in principle but verrrry vaguely… so I’m hoping to firm that up when I meet the big boss on Tuesday. Wish me luck.
  • Of course I am stressing over the long list of things I need to wrap up before then. Most immediately, a big knitting thing that has been kicking my butt. I was up till 3am this morning trying to finish the knitting, only to discover a huge and obvious mistake that sets me back about 2 hours. This design has been making me feel remarkably stupid; it’s not intrinsically hard but I keep screwing it up. There are a couple of mistakes I’ve chosen to leave in on grounds of time and not-obviousness, but of course I’m deeply anxious over them: just how not obvious are they to anyone who’s not me!? Honestly sometimes I worry about myself. I should have had this done aaaages ago, and perfectly, but no. Argh.
  • A week ago I was wibbling – well, no, frankly I was panicking about the whole thing. Childcare issues seemed utterly overwhelming. But within a few days it all calmed down, and now I’m mostly amazed at how relatively easy it is to take a full-time job without disrupting my entire life. Shuffle the kids off to various neighbours for a few afternoons a week, work from home a bit, and it all more or less slots together. In principle. I mean, there’s a lot of room for headaches yet, but this is pretty amazing, right? It’s just another item in the ever-growing list of how very much easier things get as the kids grow. (And also how lucky we are with our neighbours.)
  • Not that it’s a completely smooth trajectory. The big stress last week was that Max has been having trouble with his two best friends – one in particular. So the idea that I’d have to force him to spend time with that kid every week, and expect that mom to deal with the fights, and oh yes that I was going to be unavailable just when he apparently needs extra attention… that was not great. But things have eased up again, and I may not need him to go to that kid every week (but when he does, it’s actually ok), so, fine. Still: it was weird and stressful suddenly having these major 5-year-old social Issues to deal with, with no clear idea of the cause. And then I realised that this kid is exactly one week older than Max. So maybe they’re both just dealing with the same developmental stuff at the same time, and clashing over their simultaneous compulsion to assert themselves at all costs – all over each other.
  • We spent Friday evening drinking gin (manymanyMANY gin) with the lovely German neighbours, and Saturday afternoon at Ikea. I would just like you to pause and consider that combination for a moment, and then give me my medal. A hangover does not exactly improve the Ikea experience. But we came out with what we needed, more or less, so: viktwee!

No 15 of #26recipes:* zucchini parmesan crisps, except with gruyere because lack of planning. Also lack of checking the oven temperature, which was too low (having just baked muffins), so these weren’t a complete success, but they were tasty and worth doing properly some time. 

* You’ll notice I really haven’t been doing well on using my actual cookbooks for this. I keep having a fairly specific idea of what I want to make and not finding anything suitable on my shelves. (I did turn to How to Eat to make pancakes on Saturday, actually, but I can’t bring myself to count that, because honestly, PANCAKES.) I haven’t had much time lately, so my meal planning has been a bit seat of my pants. One suspects the next six months (job!) aren’t going to be any better. So I’m downgrading my challenge. Although who knows, with fewer meals to cook (we eat our main meal at midday and I guess other people will be feeding my kids a lot more, yay), I may be more motivated to make an effort when I do get in the kitchen. 

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