Working hard or hardly working: 5 things 11.6.18

  • Getting past the overwhelmed stage of new job. Now in the stage where I alternate between anxiety that I’m not feeling panicky, because what have I missed, and brief interludes of confidence, quickly interrupted by jolts of panic as I realise what I did indeed miss.
  • All semi-smooth on the logistical front. Traffic isn’t normally quite as bad as it was the first few days. Kids seem fine and happy. Only one time left Max all alone and worried on the doorstep with nobody home. (Not a joke, sadly, but he went to friend’s house and that was fine, he was fine, all fine.)
  • Armin very much enjoyed having one day of househusbanding when he happened to have a day off, got lots done. We have agreed* that everything would run much more smoothly if he were the at-home parent instead of me.
  • Wishing I had time to run during the week (getting up at 5am is not really in my plan) but still feeling surprisingly good physically. Almost like my very sleepy Tuesday-night yoga is doing something. Other than keeping me calm and happy, which it does, because it’s really really comforting, in a very hippy-dippy way. It’s not the kind of yoga I would have ever chosen, given an alternative option, but it might be exactly what I need right now.
  • This five-day week thing really does suck though, so I’m hoping for the best from my two latest job applications – both around 50%. Working Vitamin B** and have been assured my CV has skipped HR and is on the top of the hiring manager’s pile. Fingers crossed.
  • Not really.
    ** B for Beziehung (relationship). This is the German way of saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

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