This week I learned: 5 things 18.6.18

  • Working is supposed to be boost self-esteem, and it basically does, but spending your days reading and writing about the astonishing things being done by really young, really smart people all on the verge of changing the world is maybe not that helpful.
  • Basically every startup there is is doing something with blockchain, or quantum. Nano is also a thing, as is machine learning, but you can’t have nano without quantum anyway, apparently. I wonder if anyone’s looking at blockchain machine learning. Maybe that’s the next big thing.
  • Armin reckons the worst thing about getting up at 7am every day is that he can’t even complain to me because I’m up at 6. I feel his pain, I truly do. Especially since I don’t actually hate being up at 6. I’m not a morning person, but it’s not *that* hard for me. It is for him.
  • Lausanne is really really pretty. And the French Swiss, just like actual French, are  dishearteningly sexy, with that whole “I just woke up like this” thing and a very distracting way of moving their lips while they speak. I got to discover this on a little mini-break that work paid for, basically, because Team Event (with the Zurich and Lausanne offices coming together). Super fun. Way more lavish than any away day I had in London. And then I was in Lausanne without kids (or Armin) and I got to spend Saturday ambling around aimlessly, which is very high on my list of best possible ways to spend my time, and a very rare treat indeed these days.
  • It is however still weird being the only person in the office in their 40s. The bosses are maybe 10 years older (but not actually in my office). Everyone else seems to be in the 25-35 range, footloose and childfree.* It’s weird that (almost) the last time I was in an office** I absolutely fit into that bracket, and now I absolutely don’t, and between then and now basically all I’ve been doing is babies and knitting, and of course nobody has the slightest interest in any of that. It’s very very weird. Like having kids just created this decade-sized hole in my life and now I’m trying to find my way back to me. (And yeah, saying that seems totally unfair to the kids, but… it’s all very weird.)

* Not 100% true; one of these very young dudes has a two-month-old at home, but he’s not directly part of my team and I don’t talk to him much.
** Four years ago I had a job for five months, but I hardly count that because it was so short-lived. Also, it was part-time, I was super busy, and also, I had my own office – shared part-time with another mom, but she was just renting the desk, not working with me – so I didn’t chat that much with the rest of the team. 

PS I’m officially quitting #52recipes. Even 26 would be too many, the way things are going right now. I feel like I’m in a very different state of mind (not to mention state of actual life) to where I was at the start of the year, and life is just a bit too full and overwhelming to be seeking out extra challenges.

2 thoughts on “This week I learned: 5 things 18.6.18

  1. I had a friend back in California who had kids really young by Silicon Valley standards and then found herself in her mid 30s with teenagers while all the 20yo’s around her were living it up and it was very hard for her to adjust.

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