5 things 2.7.18

  • Two great interviews last Monday, though I already heard I didn’t get one of those jobs. The other one was already a “final” interview and I should hear on Wednesday if they’re making me an offer. That’s my third favourite of what were three possibilities. The top favourite is still open (and I hope to hear more in the next day or so), but it’s also still pretty vague as to what exactly it would entail.
  • This latest frenzied batch of job discussions has been more enjoyable than previous batches. Partly because I guess I’m getting used to the whole routine; partly because I already have a job (if temporary), which both relieves the pressure and improves my confidence; and partly because I’ve just really, really liked the people I’ve been meeting.
  • But since I have now been turned down for quite a few jobs where I thought the interviews had gone well (and where they were hugely impressed with my writing/editing tests), I do wonder what I’m doing wrong. In principle, I don’t take it personally. There are so many factors I just can’t be aware of, never mind control, and of course I am trying to enter a new industry – I imagine I’m at a disadvantage to all the other candidates with their proper corporate CVs. But still. Should I be more worried about my interview skills? Is it maybe even a bad sign that I enjoy these meetings? Am I just not being serious and professional enough?
  • WhatEVER. Am enjoying my job, aside from the sheer overwhelm. I get to meet really smart people at a really interesting point in their lives, when they’re really happy about being able to tell us about their brilliant inventions or ideas, or about starting on an exciting program to boost their baby businesses, or whatever. It’s lovely. I really don’t have much to do with them other than grabbing a quick photo and exchanging friendly hellos, but it’s still lovely. And such a wonderful contrast to 10 years of connecting with people almost exclusively in relation to our kids. Also good, sure, mom friends are vital and I’m very very thankful for them, but: different.
  • That overwhelm, though, phew. Not the actual work any more, but the general life stuff. Full-time work + kids + the job interview frenzy… it’s been a lot. Plus we’ve been surprisingly busy on the social front, which is great, but hasn’t left me any time to breathe. So I guess it’s inevitable that when we finally booked a summer holiday (very late because of plans having been necessarily changed by my new job and related factors), we plumped for a ridiculously bourgeois all-inclusive Kinderhotel rather than anything resembling mind-broadening travel, or requiring any more strenuous organising than just waving a credit card and popping the address into our satnav. So what. It’s expensive and lazy and wonderful. There will be MASSES for the kids to do, and nothing at all for mommy to HAVE to do. Plus free baby-sitting so the grown-ups (Nana is coming too) can maybe go for a long walk without whining. I am looking forward to some quality knitting time. I am also distressingly aware that it never, ever, ever works out that way – I think I’ll get so much knitting done and it just doesn’t happen – but still; a girl can dream.

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