…and then I breathed out: 3 things 9.7.18

  • I’ve already been bragging all over social media in a most unseemly fashion, so I won’t dwell on this, but: I got the job.* The surprise possibility that came out of nowhere and ticks all my boxes. It happened. Five years of job hunting, done. Job alerts unsubscribed. Done.
  • Ok, no, I am going to dwell on this, because DUDE. 
    Apart from anything else. Just the fact that I finally fitted somewhere. I have been Quite Anxious about my job prospects for a very long time. I couldn’t see a future in which I was doing something interesting using my skills; the best I thought I could hope for would be a boring job with nice people, and even that was a long shot, because I didn’t have quite the right CV and I just didn’t fit. So I kept getting close to being hired, but not quite. And it’s been rough. And now this. Which… well, it’s certainly more interesting than what I had been chasing, but still a leap for me, and who knows how it turns out? But to have a job created just for me, because I am the right person and my skills are needed…
  • I slept so well the night after I gave notice last week. So well. For the first time in weeks. I feel amazing.

* Except I’m having a tiny bit of superstitious panic about having shouted about this before it’s actually signed and sealed; my last email to future boss (Thursday) hasn’t been answered yet and I mean I’m sure it’s all fiiiiiine but… I care too much not to panic!

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