Hot and bothered: 5 things in a rush 6.8.18

  • Yes, I skipped last week, because plenty to say but no time. I get surprisingly cross when I don’t have time to post here. Probably because it is, as friends have pointed out, my very public un-guided therapy. It’s how I check in with myself, and y’know, that shit’s important. But time is scarce. So.
  • I’ve been so looking forward to August as the time when I’d finally get to slow down and take time for myself, but so far it’s not actually working out that way. MIL is visiting, which means I often don’t have access to my computer (guest room is also the study and no, no laptop), and/or am needed to drive her around and do social stuff. Which also makes me grumpy, because I’m an antisocial cow, and because I really really need some alone time, as well as time to do my stuff.
  • Am worryingly behind on current design project, which means I’ll be pushed for time on my next project too (with a very firm deadline), plus I have a bunch of new freelance clients for layout design. Very happy to have them. Very stressed for time.
  • And the heat doesn’t help. I am NOT a person who enjoys hot days, and even summer people don’t generally love this particular flavour of heavy, humid heat, when the air just sits and smothers you. My brain doesn’t really work properly above 27º or so, so this is all… sub-optimal.
  • Tomorrow we drive to Germany for six days of all-inclusive luxury in a Kinderhotel with masses of activities and babysitting and stuff, where I plan to do a lot of knitting and very little anything else. It probably won’t work out like that though. Because Armin will insist on me being “sociable” and “joining in” and shit like that. I mean HONESTLY. Can’t you all just love me from a bit further away?

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