New starts: 20.8.18

  • Big week round here. C starts Mittelstufe – which now means a whole new school for her – and I start the big new job. (Also still working the old job for at least the next month, because clearly I like to complicate my life.) Both situations look pretty awesome, but y’know, all very new. 
  • I wish I were starting with higher levels of energy. Two weeks of holiday have done nothing to refresh me – in fact I’m shattered. I think I’m a little under the weather, though the only real symptom is severe exhaustion. But severe. And without much cause.
  • I bailed on hanging out with the in-laws one day last week, which Armin found utterly reprehensible, but I consider basic self-care. (I could barely move from exhaustion, and had a lot to get done quite urgently. Six child-free hours to lie down a bit and then gently get stuff done was an absolute godsend.) It’s odd though: he seems to think I do that a lot, pulling out of family visits. In fact I think this is only the second time I’ve ever done it. Which of us is hallucinating?
  • And the next night we both bailed on music tickets that I booked about half a year ago, because srsly, who has the energy? Instead we went to bed at 8.30pm (just our luck, the kids were awake till 11pm, but A dealt with them) and I slept till the monsters woke me at 7.30am. The idea was good, but we weren’t nearly ready yet. 
  • I am finally nearly done with the pattern I should have had in tech editing 3 weeks ago. Computer issues + visitors + well, everything, have conspired against me. I know, I know: excuses! But I have literally done my utmost and failed. I was so sure I was going to handle my design schedule super well this year. I was very careful with what I took on and how I planned it all out. And then life suddenly got crazy. I’m a little sad, looking ahead, at how much I need to scale back on things I’ve been working so hard to build up. But at the same time, with a possible career renaissance happening, it’s hard to care too much. And in principle, it will be quite nice to pull back to unambitious, 100% hobby knitting. (Which certainly includes designing. I won’t stop designing. I just won’t have to be so focused and strategic with it.)

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