Crawling forward, but at least it’s forward: 5 things 3.9.18

  • You know that uncomfortable feeling when you’ve got a big project of some kind and there’s always stuff you’re waiting for, or needing to do, or worrying about… even if it’s all under control, it’s just all there in the back of your mind all the time?
    So I have that right now on FIVE FRONTS. Job A has a huge project going on that is, to be blunt, an absolute shitshow, and I’m the project lead on one major aspect, but without having much control or information. (Upside: D-Day is this Wednesday. At least then it’ll be over.) Job B, well, it’s just new, so that takes up a lot of brain all by itself. The kids are basically fine but M isn’t happy with the new childcare arrangements. Which is miserable. I have two upcoming knitting deadlines, one of which has been really worrying me. (But see below.) And I have a whole slate of editorial commitments for designer clients. (Yeah. I’m cutting back there, and it feels great, but meanwhile: commitments.) So… yeah. I’m really really looking forward to October. It just feels a loooong way away.
  • Have finally completed the actual knitting on that worrying design I mentioned. The pattern is about 95% written, too, so it’s going to be released on schedule. It just won’t be fully tested. Which sucks. But it still feels like a huge relief getting to this point, and the thing not totally sucking.
  • I bought myself a 1,500-piece jigsaw that I’m only allowed to open when I’m down to ONE job and no knitting deadlines. I also haven’t yet actually celebrated my new job. First I didn’t really believe it was happening, and then I just haven’t had time or energy. Idk. I strongly believe these things should be celebrated, but you have to feel it, and I’m just too knackered. I’ll probably end up celebrating the end of Job A instead. Either way, it’ll be a new phase beginning.
  • I miss cooking. It’s been all minimum-effort almost-food here for ages (burgers, fish fingers, spaghetti with bottled sauce). Obviously there’s nothing standing in my way except my own exhaustion, but don’t underestimate the force of that exhaustion. I’m really proud of myself for having made pizza from scratch this weekend, for the first time – yes, I realise this isn’t exactly a great culinary achievement, but it’s way more than I’ve been doing lately – AND apple pancakes. Go me.
  • More superhero hausfrau achievements: starting the week with clean(ish) bathrooms, laundry done and ironed, a clear desk and an acceptable level of civilization throughout the flat. I’ve been working really hard on getting the whole family to tidy up as we go, and getting the kids involved in small chores like setting and clearing the table. It doesn’t come naturally to any of us – we’re taking huge effort for very little obvious payoff – but I feel heroic anyway. Like I always say: keep your standards low, people. It’s the way forward.

No 16 of what will obviously not be anywhere close to #52recipes, maybe 26 if I’m super motivated: that pizza. Leisurely pizza dough from Smitten Kitchen’s first book. Not very successful, honestly, I might have used the wrong kind of yeast or something? But the kids had a blast making it, which was honestly the point. Next time I’m going to try her lazy pizza dough, if I can remember to start it in time. 

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