Ready for relaunch: 5 things 1.10.18

  • I’m very into new months starting on a Monday, and I’m very into this particular new month, because – glory be! – I am finally down to just the one job. I’m suuuuper excited about being 40% employed. And also feeling vaguely guilty, because apparently that’s my thing, guilt about getting what I want (as long as what I want is childfree time that also isn’t entirely taken up with work).
  • I’ve been crawling through the past week, feeling exhausted and a bit sick and overwhelmed with the stress of trying to wrap up my current design in time to launch this week. Which has been reallyreally hard to do in my current state of brain drain. (Nearly there though, thanks to amazing tech editor. She’s literally having to save me from myself with extensive rewriting. I feel a bit bad about this, and will probably feel worse when I’ve recovered from current uselessness, but mostly I’m just really happy that someone can help me fix the mess I made* and get this thing DONE.)
    web cuff
  • Perked up quite a bit yesterday, though, after spending a few hours brunching with fellow escapees of Job A. The job that’s been challenging and fun and ultimately increasingly dysfunctional and bizarre. (In the few months since I started, they’ve had about 50% staff turnover. So.) Unexpected but very welcome side effect of working again: really excellent new friends.
  • Now looking forward to a few weeks of enjoying my downtime (this includes two weeks of school holidays, but the childcare arrangements are looking pretty promising) and then, I might try sewing again. Maybe. We’ll see. I have a few things in mind I’d like to explore (see also: beading), but I really want to finally have some leisure time, which is a strange and unfamiliar concept I’m quite curious about. So, trying not to plan anything too much.
  • I mean, I do still have two outstanding designs (after the nearly-finished one) to publish by December. But they’re simple things. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to add stress to my so-needed leisure time. Right? I mean… right?

Mainly overcomplicating things, which is sort of my bit. I find it amazingly hard to see when I’m doing something the stupid way. It works my way, it’s just… a bit ridiculous.

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