Onward and, um, onward: 5 things 8.10.18

  • V much enjoying this 40% employment thing. But boss has already asked me about increasing my hours in future. Um, yay? I mean it’s nice to be appreciated, it is, and we can definitely use the money. 🏡 But awww.
  • Am still a bit confused as to what exactly he appreciates about my work, given that to my mind, I haven’t done any. Corporate life is Different. I’m used to being all about output, output, output; suddenly it’s all about input. And my particular strengths – speed, flexibility, Getting Shit Done – are things that I’m now having to actually suppress, because the greater goal is to change the internal perception of our team from the last-minute content reviewers to the strategic content creators. Which I can appreciate. And learning to work slowly, but deeply, is clearly a valuable lesson for me. But it’s weird.
  • Meanwhile my brain appears to be recovering from its totally fried state. As I was gently waking up one day last week (no work! no rush! no panic to remember WHICH work and which problems I was to solve that day!), thinking about nothing in particular, I very suddenly got the solution to a design problem that had been thoroughly kicking my stoopid arse for weeks. It’s really straightforward. Lovely Emily (who tech edited this one for me) had even explained it. But I 100% didn’t get it. Could not brain. And then out of nowhere, I did. Poor tired brain. It just needed a few extra weeks to catch up with the obvious.
  • I have however completely lost the ability to sleep past at the latest 7am. It’s really annoying. I mean it’s not like I’m not tired. My internal alarm clock is just deeply convinced I always need to get up at 6.
  • And now it’s Herbstferien, and Claudia is away at scouts camp! For a whole week! Without any of us! She wanted this! WUT.
    confused winona

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