Tis the dreaded season: 3.12.18

  • Ah, December. That month that is dark and cold and energy draining,* and ram packed with social activities (especially for the kids) because Advent, and Armin is working most weekends because Jahresrückblick, and apparently now it’s a high-pressure time at work for me as well because Annual report. This is fine. At least I get Christmas week off. Hanging in there.
  • Am stressing over this report, for reasons. I know I’m good at the editing stuff but there are other problems and I have this constant anxiety that I’m just not delivering. There are factors beyond my control (what was asked was A LOT with very little time), but still, am I just totally failing on the project management and delegation side? (I suck at asking for help. I AM TRYING. But still.) Anyway. Doing my best, keeping my nose down and working through it, but I’m stressing. I really want to do well, and I don’t think I am, and it sucks.
  • And then at the weekend I’m alone with the kids and I have to keep running around to take them here and there, when I just really want to hibernate with my knitting. And I feel like I’m failing a bit on the parenting front too, because they are seriously Not Listening. They’re basically awesome, don’t get me wrong, they’re not being horrible, but I have lost all patience with them literally not listening. So there’s a lot of yelling (because they ignore me right up until I yell), and that is NOT acceptable parenting to me, but here we are.
  • Knitting. Dammit. I have certain things to do before Christmas, and obviously, not enough time. And I have a new design to release this week, which means I need to juggle (over)work with pattern launch work. But! Upside: after Christmas, I have noooo commitments at all. None. I have designs planned, sure, but entirely on my own schedule. And I plan to make some things for myself, from actual patterns, for actual fun. I’m looking forward to that.
  • On the up side, I have introduced the kids to the Nightmare Before Christmas and we are all very happy with that choice. (Incidentally, parents with Netflix: you are already on the She-Ra train, right? RIGHT.)

January is at least as bad, but without the social pressure, and that helps!

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