That was the week that wasn’t: 5 things 14.1.19

  • So much for getting back into the swing of things – between a stomach virus cutting a swathe through the family, and then chicken pox finally catching up with Claudia, I’ve been stuck at home and about 20% productivity the whole week. Not at all fun.
  • Somehow we still managed to celebrate Max’s birthday (though the official party is yet to come). Wheee! I will never again have a child under 5! Liberation!
  • There’s been snow, though. That was very pretty, but we were all too sick to enjoy it.
  • Somehow by Friday afternoon, despite everything I was emerging from the slough of despond and not feeling so very utterly bleak about the work situation. I mean I still have my doubts (to put it mildly), but I feel better able to hang in there till I can see the next step. Am glad those particular psychic clouds have passed, it was a bit rough.
  • Two weeks in isn’t absolutely too late to start the year, is it? I really hope not…

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