Flying solo: 5 things 21.1.18

  • Spending a husband-less week with my kids cannot in any fair world be called “single parenting”, because I am well aware that it Does Not Compare even slightly to the extreme strain of actual single parenting. But “solo parenting” is arguably slightly less egregious, and a useful shorthand, so indulge me, okay? I am solo parenting till Saturday.
    Wow, I guess that whole paragraph really wasn’t shorter or easier than just saying “I am husband-less till Saturday.”
  •  A is, again, working in a tent (really) in Davos. This is where the TV crews hole up for the duration of WEF. Chilly! It seems like a very mixed experience. Very hard work (and not very comfortable), but kind of exciting being there, even though it’s mostly not exciting at all. Every year he says “I don’t think I’ll do it again” and then every year he does.
  • But from my side, every year it gets so much easier. Of course we all miss him. But we miss him, not the daddy service. I am so grateful to be experiencing this sweet spot of parenting – they’re mostly pretty civilized, they spend more time enjoying each other than screaming, they are fun to be around but they also allow me to sometimes not be around them (eg go for a run or grocery shopping while they wait at home). I mean, within limits. But wow.
  • The week ahead however is looking pretty full. It includes assorted dentist and doctor check-ups, plus a visit to Max’s new Hort (after-school care), plus a trip to rent musical instruments because I have finally earned my Middle Class Mom badge by signing them both up for music lessons (guitar and keyboard). I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about not organising this all these years, so yay me! And very much yay to the stroke of luck that put the teachers in our village on the right days – this is not to be taken for granted, at all. The teachers travel all over the valley. With me working so much now, it could have been impossible to co-ordinate.
  • Music lessons don’t come cheap, of course, and here’s me still completely unclear as to whether I’ll still have a job after March. Also not really clear as to whether I want to. Which… kind of relieves the stress, I guess.

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