Still ugh and also blaaargh: 5 things 8.4.19

  • Had a cold, thought I was over it and then it flattened me for three straight days. Conveniently, we have a three-day weekend. I guess I should be mad at having this time “wasted” in sickness but honestly I’m just glad to have the time to rest and not feel guilty about missing work. Having already taken two days off. Ugh, blargh etc.
  • In logging my sick days I happened to notice that I seem to have three full weeks of leave owing to me, which is surprising and welcome. That means I’ll need to work only about another month to the end of my contract… which is rather a lovely thought.
  • What follows that is distinctly less lovely. Still no prospects. I’ll be going back to full unemployment (well, freelance only), which is less than I had a year ago. I mean, clearly I’ll be hitting up all the job agencies and doing my very best to solve the situation, but… damn. Am I ever sick of this.
  • Drawing up a huge mental list of all the things I could do with that time. Next step, try to prioritise and focus on actually DOING just one thing at a time, try to tick off some boxes. I.e. making a sterling effort to ensure that I can be grouchy no matter what happens – either because I get a job too soon to finish any of my projects, or because I don’t. Cunning eh? Got to have something to grumble about.
  • Have spent my sick days knitting up some mini-skeins I got from the festival into a fun little garter-stitch something – the kind of thing that requires no brainwork, because right now I haz no brain – only to realize, quite late in the game, that the yarnie in question doesn’t seem to normally sell mini-skeins. Must have been just a festival thing. So I’m not sure what to do with this design now; I have plenty of options, it’s just a little hiccup. File under “reasons to be more strategic with designing” – although I think it’s honestly fine not to be strategic, always, it doesn’t help move me forward either.

2 thoughts on “Still ugh and also blaaargh: 5 things 8.4.19

  1. Hmmmm could I knit up your garter stitch something with mini-skeins sold in my LYS??????? I do like a good mindless knit….

    1. Turns out I was wrong about the yarn brand, they do sell minis (I just needed to work a bit harder to navigate their French website!). Still pondering my release strategy though, it’s going to be ages before this one comes out! But it will be a very fun shop sample.

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